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NYPD cops chide Adams for calling cops to live inside Big Apple to better protect New Yorkers

By 01/26/2022 9:46 AMJanuary 30th, 2022No CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Some rank and file police officers of NYPD blasted New York City mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday for calling all 35,000 uniformed police officers of NYPD to live inside Big Apple to better serve New Yorkers.

The police officers who refused to be named said such an idea is out of context since the price of housing in NYC is very high.

“As soon as he pays me enough to rent an apartment in the city, I will move,” a Manhattan cop said.

A Brooklyn policeman also cited Adams reward as mere lip service.

“I am sure he knows he doesn’t have the power to make that decision. He is just making noise for his voters,” the cop said.

Earlier, Adams said it makes no sense that police officers would live outside of NYC since these people are being paid to protect New Yorkers.

“I want you here in this city,” Adams said.

“I want you to go to the cleaners. I want you to go to the churches to the supermarket, your children should be in our schools.

He shouldn’t have 30 something percent of officers residing [out of New York City]. There’s no such thing as being off duty, so technically, if you see a crime and you don’t take action as a police officer, you could be held accountable for that,” Adams added.

He said it does not look good that tax dollars are being paid to an NYPD cop for eight hours and then 16 hours he’s going to one of our five neighboring counties and protecting them.

“That makes no sense. …You are paying for other counties to be safe.”

Based on the current practice, uniformed members of the NYPD have to be New York residents but can also live in Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, or Orange counties.

Sources said to ensure NYPD cops will live in the Big Apple, state lawmakers need to tweak Section 3 of the state’s Public Officers Law that requires NYC law enforcement to live within 30 miles of the Big Apple.

Meanwhile, Adams revealed that Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell will soon have a plan to encourage current cops to move into NYC but did not elaborate on the upcoming incentive.


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