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NYPD Declares the Use of Significant Novel Policing Technologies

By 04/11/2023 4:26 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The New York City Police Department has announced today that it will implement three cutting-edge police tools as part of its continuous commitment to public safety.

The StarChase GPS tag attachment system, the Digidog mobile robot, and the K5 Autonomous Security Robot are among the technologies (ASR). These resources will help the NYPD’s female and male officers maintain New York as the country’s safest major city.

A GPS tag is attached to an evading car using the StarChase technology, which can be launched from a hand-held device or a moving vehicle. The system then uses a web-based app to track the car and deliver real-time position data.

Through this technology, NYPD police can follow tagged cars without risking pursuing them through New York City’s congested streets.

The device’s use is strictly limited to enabling cops to monitor the vehicle while remaining nearby and capture the offender as quickly as is practical. Longer-term tracking of the vehicle’s location will not be possible using the gadget.

Only police who have been adequately educated to use the StarChase system will use it. It will only be utilized if there is reason to suspect that the car was involved in a crime, if there is reason to suspect that one of the people within the vehicle committed a crime, or if there are urgent circumstances.

The StarChase system’s use in the NYPD pilot program will last 90 days.

The department’s Technical Assistance & Response Unit (TARU) will get these robotic devices, dubbed “Digidog,” over the following months.

Its commanders have created specialized training for their employees in various urgent crises.

These fully remote-controlled tools evaluate high-risk, dangerous circumstances and locales and support the NYPD’s investigations. They are instruments that will undoubtedly save lives, both of the general population and the police.

The Digidog weighs 70 pounds and has a top speed of 3.5 miles per hour; it is perfect for hostage discussions, negotiating with barricaded individuals, navigating hazardous chemical and radiation fields, and other dangerous situations.

The robots will support the Emergency Service Unit, the Hostage Negotiation Team, counterterrorism personnel, and other units as needed. Only qualified TARU officers will be able to control the robots remotely.

The Digidog has two-way audio communication capabilities and may be fitted with thermal sensors, gas meters, and radiation detectors.

The two devices were funded by asset forfeiture, and the NYPD plans to use this technology in the summer of 2023.

According to NYPD policies, police will never equip a robot with a weapon. And will never use one for surveillance of any kind.


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