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NYPD Is Punishing Officers Who Drink Coffee and Sport Long Beards

By 03/14/2023 9:53 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

New rules are being implemented for police officers by the NYPD, including stricter penalties for officers who consume coffee while on duty (which some consider a requirement for police officers).

The NY Post reports that the already stressed-out police department will experience increased tension. Cops with excessively long beards, coffee addictions, and a failure to empty trash cans will be fired by the department.

“Offenses” include cops who keep erroneous memo books, tint their personal automobiles’ windows too dark, or neglect to properly comb their hair, in addition to growing beards past a quarter inch.

Inspecting staff will also look through trash cans “to ensure there isn’t garbage spilling and littered about.”

An officer coming up for a detail without a cap is another illustration.

Chief Kevin Maloney said, “They’ll look into that if someone isn’t following the beard procedure. “It’s everything the police are expected to follow; their duty is to ensure they do so. It’s merely upholding the law.

Everyone is talking about it, which is pathetic, according to a Brooklyn police officer quoted in the Post. “People are reporting that morale has never been this low. Why would you go above and above to do anything at this point? The attitude is that your managers are out to get you for something. ”

Officers who break the regulations will face repercussions, including possible loss of vacation time.

One cop said, “Like we don’t have enough stress. “I already hardly ever see my family, and now you want to steal even more time from me? It’s a challenging scenario.

According to Patrick Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Union, the measures will exacerbate “the NYPD’s chronic manpower issue.

Monitoring sock color and beard length are currently the NYPD’s top concerns, which is absurd.

Maloney continued, “Everyone should look professional.

The recently established Professional Standards Bureau is in charge of the campaign to rein in the police, which Commissioner Keechant Sewell started.

Cops who are already overworked and under stress are complaining that the new section will destroy morale in the department.
Police in New York City are unable to cover their expenses.

Their families are never allowed to see them. He continued that they are constantly up against criminals who lack fear and a legal system that has no deterrent effects.

Already 1,208 below the desired census, the NYPD roster.

Two hundred thirty-nine policemen left their positions in January and February, a 36% increase over the same months in 2022. And it’s shockingly 117% greater than the figures from 2021.


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