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Officer in the IDF Punished for Attending Pro-Reform Rally

By 04/30/2023 1:38 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The military declared on Sunday that a major in the Israel Defense Forces had lost his job for participating in a protest in favor of judicial reform while wearing his uniform.

So long as they are not identified as service personnel, soldiers up to the lieutenant colonel can attend political protests.

In contravention of IDF norms, the sanctioned major joined the pro-reform march in Jerusalem on Thursday while wearing his fatigues.

The IDF sentenced the officer to 25 days of jail time with credit for time served and ordered his promotion to a non-command position.

According to organizers, the “March of the Million” near the Knesset drew about 600,000 participants, dispelling opposition assertions that Israelis are unified in opposition to judicial reform.

Additionally, it gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration much-needed support.

Months of anti-reform demonstrations have prompted Netanyahu to suspend the process and begin talks with the opposition under the supervision of President Isaac Herzog, although supporters of the reform have been sluggish to react.

Likud Party representatives indicated that as long as the Yesh Atid Party participates, progress in negotiations won’t be possible as judicial reform discussions resumed at the President’s Residence this week.

They asserted that Yesh Atid, led by Yair Lapid, was attempting to sabotage the negotiations and that discussions should only be done with the National Unity Party, led by Benny Gantz.

To prevent the convergence of ideas, Yesh Atid has demanded that the topic of haredim serving in the IDF be brought up in the negotiations, according to Likud sources.




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