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Ohio is looking into a network of Nazi homeschoolers who celebrate Hitler

By 01/31/2023 8:06 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The state of Ohio’s department of education is looking into a homeschooling network that tells other parents not to expose their children to “Jewish media content,” encourages children to shout “Sieg Heil” in class, and accuses public schools of being governed by “Zionist filth.”

These are the more than 2,500 users of the Telegram social network messaging app channel “Dissident Homeschool Network.”

A group of Nazi parents known as the “dissidents” exchange homeschooling lesson plans that celebrate the benefits of Hitler and white nationalism while also depending on a well-known social media account operated by a Jew to further their hateful views.

A hate group monitor has revealed the group’s founders to be a married couple from the rural Ohio community of Upper Sandusky.

According to Stephanie Siddens, the interim director of public instruction for Ohio’s education department, “There is no place for hate-filled, divisive, and cruel instruction in Ohio’s schools, including our state’s home-schooling community.

” I unequivocally and forcefully oppose the fascist, racist, and antisemitic philosophy and materials being spread.

Representatives Jim Jordan and Bob Latta, whose district includes Upper Sandusky, and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, all issued statements to Vice News denouncing the group.

However, according to officials in Ohio, the state board of education has little to no control over homeschooling.

Although the state requires homeschooling parents to submit copies of their lesson plans, a county official who administers the Lawrences’ neighborhood told HuffPost, “Parents who decide to educate their child at home are responsible for choosing the curriculum and course of study.”

“We are so profoundly committed to making sure that [our] child becomes a wonderful Nazi,” the Dissident Homeschool Network’s founder, Mrs. Saxon,” a member of the gang, reportedly proclaimed on a neo-Nazi podcast. She has been identified as Katja Lawrence, an immigrant from the Netherlands who currently resides in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, by the anti-Nazi group Anonymous Comrades Collective, Vice News, and HuffPost.

Lawrence, a recent naturalized resident of the United States, regularly criticizes other immigrant groups on social media; her husband, Logan, works as an insurance agent. The Lawrences are so enamored with Nazism that Katja created a cake to honor Hitler’s birthday and released audio of her children giving the Nazi salute on her Telegram channel.

After the couple disclosed that they had a German shepherd named Blondi—which was also the name of Hitler’s dog—they were located by the journalists and researchers that covered the Dissident Homeschool Network story.

The Lawrences’ homeschooling initiative, which began in the fall of 2021, is openly referred to as a mechanism for neo-Nazi parents to indoctrinate their children by keeping them out of public schools. In idle conversations, members of the group derided the Indiana Jones films as “Jewish revenge porn” and built “math” classes around racist manipulations of urban crime statistics.

They praised Confederate general Robert E. Lee as “a grand role model for young, white men.” Lesson plans include teaching cursive by having students write famous quotes from Hitler and American neo-Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell.

Additionally, the group arranges in-person gatherings for parents and kids with similar viewpoints. According to the Lawrences’ relatives, their actions were “disgusting” and “heartbreaking for their children,” according to HuffPost.

Members of the Dissident Homeschool Network routinely share memes from the right-wing social media channel Libs of TikTok, which is maintained by an Orthodox Jew, despite their nearly continual stream of antisemitic venom.

The account has become well-known across the country for its demonization of LGBTQ individuals as “groomers” and its relentless attacks on public education, which are a favorite target of right-wing figures who think teachers are indoctrinating kids with “critical race theory” and “gender ideology.”

The administrator of the account Chaya Raichik, who recently made her identity public, routinely promotes homeschooling for parents’ kids. For religious and ideological reasons, homeschooling has grown in popularity among conservatives, and Republican lawmakers and movement lobbyists have made it simpler for parents to homeschool their kids with little to no oversight.

The “Dissident” group instructs parents on how to teach Nazi literature without drawing the attention of law enforcement.

There is a vast network of individuals like us; Katja Lawrence routinely boasts about the scale and power of their parents’ Nazi organization on the channel.



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