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Oldtimers Recall UN Resolution To Establish State From Nov. 29, 1975

By 11/29/2022 9:22 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Thousands of people worldwide were glued to their radios, listening to the crucial UN debate that might determine Palestine’s future.

To pique people’s curiosity, loudspeakers were placed in public areas.

The numbers were finally reported: 33 in favor, 13 against, and ten abstained.

As the various nations announced their votes, the tension increased significantly.

The world had narrowly decided to create a tiny Jewish state next to a Palestinian state.

On November 29, 1947, exactly 75 years ago, all of this happened, but many elders still recall the thrill and joy they felt at the time.

Everyone leaped with pleasure when they heard the UN decision, according to Zir Luz (94) of Kibbutz Ein Harod, who spoke to Ynet about the positive reaction: “We got on a truck and went to Tel Aviv.

The mood was electric, and we all danced together.

After 2000 years, a state-related choice was made all of a sudden.

Tel Aviv as a whole danced.

We leaped onto the British vehicles.

We returned to the Kibbutz in the morning after the celebrations went on until the morning’s wee hours.

Since then, I don’t recall experiencing such unplanned and unplanned festivities.

Rahel Kafri (101), whose parents founded Moshav Nahalal and were born in Tel Aviv, similarly recalls the enormous joy at the choice.

She claims, “I’m 101, yet I don’t feel that old.” “I recall that Nahalal residents were glued to their radios during the UN vote.

We gathered in the school’s courtyard and started dancing when I was already a mother to two young children.

I chose not to because I am not a dancer by nature.

This was a historic event for Kafri, who has 14 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren.

We could now construct a state, so we were all thrilled.

We thought of ourselves as co-founders of the state.

The Tel Aviv Kapulsky coffee shop created a massive cake that was distributed to onlookers.

The Zionist Federation organized a recreation of the cake at the Ohr Spitz bakery commemorating the 75th anniversary, and it was once more served to onlookers.



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