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On an El Al aircraft to New York, a doctor who volunteers for United Hatzalah saves the life of a young passenger

By 04/20/2023 10:34 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A juvenile passenger who unintentionally consumed an allergen had a severe anaphylactic reaction on Tuesday aboard El Al aircraft LY7 from Tel Aviv to New York, causing an unanticipated medical emergency.

The 16-year-old guy started having trouble breathing and feeling like he was choking, and the situation swiftly became life-threatening.

The flight attendants enquired if any passengers were medical professionals after his mother notified the crew.

To everyone’s relief, United Hatzalah volunteer Dr. Natan Ungar, who was traveling on the same trip, hurried to provide his medical skills to the frightened kid.

The young traveler, who was aware of his allergy, carried an EpiPen (an injectable tool for epinephrine) with him. Dr. Ungar requested that the plane’s medical kit be delivered to him because, sadly, the device had expired.

After removing an adrenaline vial from the kit, the doctor injected adrenaline into the young man’s muscles.

The teen’s bloated throat started to constrict almost immediately. His health gradually got better till he was back to breathing normally.

The patient’s relatives and friends expressed their sincere thanks to the doctor for his quick response and skill in saving the patient’s life. Dr. Ungar said, “I’m delighted I was on the flight and could assist.

The flight continued as scheduled until the aircraft made a safe landing at JFK Airport after the crews spoke with Dr. Ungar and confirmed that the passenger was not in danger.




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