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One in Four New Yorkers Suggest They Would Not Be Taking Vaccines

By 11/25/2020 4:30 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

As news of a potential coronavirus hit the country, several citizens confirmed that they would not be party to taking the vaccines, due to more reasons than one. Closer to home. In New York, approximately one in every four New Yorkers have suggested they will not be taking any vaccinations against the coronavirus, which may hinder the herd immunity in the near future, striking an imbalance in the infections.

On Tuesday, polls undertaken by the Siena College Research Institute and the Wall Street Journal revealed data collected from more than 800 voters who were surveyed last week after Pfizer and Moderna announced they had developed vaccines with astonishing 94.5 and 95 percent efficacy rates. 

Source: Wired

Astonishingly enough, even as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on not just the USA, but the whole world, the results showed that twenty-four percent of those surveyed said they either definitely would not or probably wouldn’t take a vaccine if available.

Meanwhile, another 35 percent of New Yorkers said they absolutely would be immunized, while 34 percent said they probably would take the vaccine. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, those likely to take the vaccine comprised all sorts of groups regardless of party, region, race, age, religion, gender or even who they supported in the presidential election. 

These results go on to show that the likelihood of people not willing to take vaccines will stand in the way of developing a herd immunity, as was stated by Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday. During an interview with CBS, the top official stated that if a sizable portion of the population takes the vaccines, enough people would be immune to the disease and the likelihood of its spread would drop drastically. 

Source: The New Yorker

“If you get an overwhelming majority of the people vaccinated with a highly efficacious vaccine, we can reasonably quickly get to the herd immunity that would be a blanket of protection for the country.” Fauci also assured the population that the US Food and Drug Administration, which is working to grant emergency approval to promising vaccines that have passed their late-stage trials, won’t approve anything that is not deemed safe, or even if there is the slightest speck of doubt.


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