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One-Lane Road Connects 80,000 Kiryat Sefer Residents To Israel

By 06/29/2023 11:45 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Modiin Illit has surpassed all other towns in Judea and Samaria, such as Beitar Illit, Maale Adumim, and Ariel, and is currently the biggest town in the area after less than three decades.

The population currently exceeds 80,000, and within a few years it will surpass 100,000.

Despite this, the town has serious connectivity issues because there is only one access road and it only has one lane in each direction for the majority of the way.

This causes serious traffic problems during rush hours and causes commuters who live in the town to waste time on the roads.

At a special Knesset meeting called by MK Avraham Betzalel, the deputy minister of transportation, Uri Maklev, declared that the Higher Planning Committee had rejected permission for a second access road to Modiin Illit.

Maklev emphasized that there is no financial obstacle to constructing such a road; rather, the delay is the result of the green-friendly committee members’ objections.

He criticized the committee’s opponents and asserted that since over 80,000 people depend on the access roads, everyone must make concessions and figure out a means to build a replacement route.

Maklev said Idit Silman, the environment minister, had not raised any objections once they had spoken.

We observe the suffering of the locals and those who attempt to enter the town,” Maklev stated, adding, “I am talking with mayor Yaakov Gutterman about it.

To clarify the issue, we have traveled with experts. The ministry is now enlarging the current road, although Maklev estimates that it won’t be finished until 2026, despite the fact that “the ministry is acting to expedite the completion of the road via various incentives.

“This is an unprecedented situation in which the planning committees have not approved a new road for over ten years,” he declared in his conclusion. During this term, we want to approve a road.


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