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Ongoing Jerusalem Construction Caused Charedi Boy’s Death

By 10/26/2022 4:11 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The horrible occurrence in Jerusalem that claimed the life of a little kid was an accident waiting to happen, according to locals who claim that the neighborhood is still under construction for the Jerusalem light rail’s newest line, which has put people’s lives in danger.

Yoel Dovid Lenau, age 10, was killed by a cement mixer at around 1:15 PM while returning home from school on the outskirts of Geula, close to the intersection of Malchei Yisrael and Shamgar streets, according to Kikar HaShabbat (

The youngster was pinned under the cement mixer and was declared dead at the site despite the paramedics’ best efforts.

Rabbi Daniel and Nechama Lenau, Chabad shluchim in Kiev, who had recently immigrated to Israel with their kids, were the parents of Yoel Dovid.

According to a witness, the light rail work was causing chaos for automobiles and pedestrians as the cement truck’s driver zigzagged as he approached the Malchei Yisrael crossroads.

According to the witness, there are two traffic signals in the area, one for pedestrians and the other for moving vehicles.

Another local noted that traffic officers are powerless to manage hazardous road conditions in a place where many people walk everywhere.

The cement mixer’s driver stayed at the scene, where he was detained by law enforcement.

Although it offered its condolences for the unfortunate tragedy, the Moriah firm, which is in charge of the area’s construction, asserted that the police inquiry would demonstrate that the cement mixer was not a part of its infrastructure work and was merely passing through.


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