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Orlando Florida Pesach disaster as hundreds of homes are double booked or cancelled last minute

By 03/23/2021 5:04 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Hundreds of Jewish families have been booking rental homes in Orlando for this Pesach months ago already, but last minute were cancelled on it.

About 200 homes were “double booked”, – without the original renters knowing about it until some – the day of their flight – after sending packages already!

So how did it all happen?

A couple of ways.

1. After some broker’s saw there is a crazy demand for rentals in Orlando, and they brokered a house for $5000, they found people willing to pay for the same house $15,000 so just booked it with the new renters, but didn’t bother telling the original renters that it’s not theirs anymore – until now the last minute.

2. Other’s simply lied that their credit cards had been declined. – which obviously was a lie, in which case they had simply made a return on the original renters credit card. And we’re told that meanwhile someone else had booked it.

3.Some renters were told the last minute their home couldn’t be rented “due to COVID-19”,or due to “roof leaks”, “air conditioning issues”, and other such creative made-up stories.

4.the most disturbing way was basically a scam! – what happened was that people began placing “down-payments” on many homes, as-if they’re interested in purchasing them, with the condition that they can use it for Pesach. These people have no real interest in buying these home, and planning on cancelling their “contracts” after Pesach. Some down-payments are less then the amount they would have had to pay to rent a home for Pesach. In fact, some “brokers” themselves went into contract on many homes to they could rent the homes for a profit.

The results? Hundreds of families finding out a week before Pesach that they have no where to go.
There’s now a big law firm group working on this case, If you have been a victim of this, in Orlando or anywhere else in Florida, please let us know by clicking the link below

Some told Yid info they made reservations right after Sukkas already, and have paid in full, but only 2 days ago we’re told we’re so sorry but “there’s a major water leak” you’ll get a full refund.


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