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Orthodox Community Stages Protest Against Increased Oversight Of Nonpublic Schools Outside New York State Education Department Building

By 09/13/2022 1:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

After the vicious NY Times article and several reactions from politicians, Members of the ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish communities held a protest before a Board of Regents meeting to vote on new requirements that private schools have on Monday.

Protesting outside the New York State Education Department Building in Albany, N.Y. the community portrayed that the new regulations would eliminate their schools where male schools regularly study just the Talmud. Educators say the change will require private schools to provide a basic high school education including a mandate to English, math science, and history. 

Source: MRT (Will Waldron/The Albany Times Union via AP)

A Board of Regents committee unanimously approved guidelines Monday to make sure instruction at the state’s private and religious schools is equivalent to that of its public schools, and the protestors outside were enraged by the proposed changes.

The group Parents for Educational and Religious Liberty in Schools, which represents yeshivas, said families choose to pay for private or religious schools because they believe in their educational approach.

“A government checklist, devised by lawyers and enforced by bureaucrats, hampers rather than advances education,” the group said in an email. “Parents in New York have been choosing a yeshiva education for more than 120 years, and they are proud of the successful results, and will continue to do the same, with or without the blessing or support of state leaders in Albany.”

With placards that read, “Torah Education Is Not Up For Negotiation”, “We will sit in jail rather than change our children’s education”, and some young protesters wearing orange jumpsuits that read ‘Religious Prisoners’, the protesters demanded religious education to be left alone. 



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