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Orthodox Jews Express Dismay as Sefaria Releases ‘Gender-Friendly’ Translation

By 05/22/2023 10:46 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Members of the frum community use the Sefaria platform’s extensive online sefarim library and translation, however, it just introduced a new translation that seems sinful.

As a result, several orthodox Jews have stated that they will remove the app from their phones and have voiced their regret that this vital tool does not adhere to Torah principles.

A new “gender-sensitive” edition of one of Sefaria’s translations of Nach has been released.

According to a tweet from the organization, “The Revised JPS (RJPS) edition strives to give a more historically and linguistically correct translation while remaining authentic to the original Hebrew. It takes into account changes in the English language and intellectual developments.

The Jewish Publication Society (JPS) translation promises “greater gender inclusivity” when discussing individuals and “greater gender sensitivity” while discussing God.

One Twitter user noted that the translation altered the phrase’ original Hebrew meaning.

Editor at Mishpacha and Yated Yochonon Donn tweeted: “Sefaria is a fantastic resource for the olam hatorah.

Playing around with sefarim hakedoshim is inappropriate to satisfy Western notions of equality. If true, I don’t understand how someone could learn from an ungodly source.

The Coalition for Jewish Values’ managing director, Rabbi Yaakov Menken, tweeted ironically, “Next up: to be more inclusive of atheists, they’ll provide a “historically correct translation” that avoids mentioning the Almighty.” “Heaven and earth were created in the beginning.”

In response to the new translation, some Twitter users claimed they would remove the Sefaria app.

Even though there are no proven reports of Rabbis outright forbidding Sefaria, such a move would undoubtedly be plausible because, despite its importance, sponsoring a platform that promotes erroneous interpretations of the Torah would seem to conflict with Torah ideals and possibly violate Halacha.


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