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Other Jews and Ben Shapiro Criticize the NYT Reporter, Who Complained About the Women’s Section at Kosel

By 08/23/2023 6:20 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


While Mayor Eric Adams visited the Kosel, a female New York Times writer who was traveling with him in Israel tweeted her irritation at having to use the women’s restroom.

She is currently facing intense criticism from orthodox Jews and other groups due to her utter disregard for venerable and traditional Jewish hallachos and practices. Emma Fitzsimmons, who oversees the Times’ coverage of City Hall, posted a photo of herself standing on the other side of the mechitza.

She stated: „TFW, you’re at the Western Wall in Jerusalem as a female journalist and you have to climb a bench and look over a fence to see the mayor.“

She has received criticism in reaction for her utter disregard and disrespect for revered and long-standing customs and rules. Additionally, Fitzsimmons’ inclusion in the plot has angered several people on social media; as a journalist, she should have remained „invisibly” on the sidelines, where she belongs.

In a mocking tweet, Ben Shapiro wrote: „TFW, you think others’ religious standards ought to bow to your secularism at one of their holiest sites.“
She should walk one mile in the PA-controlled area to see, how much they adore feminist secularism and how things would turn out, if she insisted that they adhere to her standards, continued Shapiro.

But boo hoo, she had to sit on a seat in Jerusalem to take a picture of a mechitza. According to political activist Chaskel Bennett, „the new norm for attention-starved reporters seems to be the need to insert themselves into the story, as journalistic integrity, honesty, and impartiality has grown obsolete.” What was once the height of journalistic transgression has now devolved into the pitiful new norm.

The @nytimes is unquestionably in the lead in this shady category.
„I hate it when centuries-old religious practice gets in the way of a good shot“, the journalist Lea Goldman said. It is unlikely that Fitzsimmons would have said anything unfavorable, if Adams had gone to a Mosque with her, where she would have had much less access than at the Kosel and probably had to cover her entire face.


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