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Outrage in Israel Over Press Conference Held While Hostage: “Propaganda Wins For Hamas”

By 10/24/2023 6:08 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Many Israelis were outraged by Yocheved Lifshitz’s news conference on Tuesday, especially in light of the fact that she called the terrorists’ actions “nice,” a statement that the terror group is already using as propaganda.

The news conference was criticized by many journalists for taking place while her husband Oded is still being held captive, calling it a “public diplomacy disaster.” Yisrael Hayom labeled the press conference a “propaganda win for Hamas.”

Again, amateurism, the Walla editor Dovid Wertheim remarked. And this time, it is incredibly destructive and priceless to Hamas. Who was behind the news conference’s planning? Who hosted the press conference? The hostage’s husband is still being held captive, which was a terrible error.

Perhaps what she said during the interview had any significance? “According to Walla reporter Yaki Adamker, Lifshitz’s remarks shouldn’t have been broadcast in real time. They need to have edited and recorded them. It is unlawful to repeat messages that the Nazi enemy could only aspire to spread while we are at war.

Captives’ statements cannot be held in real time, according to Ynet correspondent Ron Boker. Press conferences shouldn’t be held. released audio recordings only. They were being kept hostage by a violent terrorist group. The IDF spokeswoman is not present. What is this crazily disastrous public diplomacy? Crazy! ”

It should be recalled that the FBI forbade the Ra’anans, the two US captives who were freed last week, from doing interviews. According to Avi Shushan, a spokeswoman for Ichilov, in response to the criticism, “No government or security agency briefed me or gave me procedures regarding media conduct with the hostages.”

“From five in the morning, all media sources were at the hospital and requested interviews with the hostages and their families. Photographers and reporters had to be ejected from the ward with force. The family has already begun giving interviews in Ichilov to outlets like CNN, for example, without consulting with us at the same time.

Following the uproar, an unnamed Israeli diplomatic source sent a message to the media saying that, “Just as the Nazis engineered and staged tours for the Red Cross in a ‘clean’ concentration camp in order to deceive the world and present themselves as humane, so too Hamas, while it slaughters babies, rapes women, and shoots children, tries to present itself as humane by releasing a handful of hostages that it supposedly took care of.”


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