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Outside the Israeli Embassy in Sweden, an activist wants to burn the R’L Torah

By 07/05/2023 7:50 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


According to sources, Swedish police have been asked to burn a Torah book in front of the Israeli embassy in Stockholm.

The plea comes in response to the burning of a Koran outside the city’s largest mosque, which provoked outrage around the Islamic world.

In a statement to Sweden’s public radio, the police confirmed that they had received a request from a man in his 30s to burn Jewish and Christian holy books outside the embassy on July 15 as “a symbolic gathering for the sake of freedom of speech.”

Another request was made by a woman in her fifties to burn a Koran as soon as possible” in Stockholm. An international outcry resulted from the police’s approval of two prior requests to burn the Muslim holy book.

The most recent applications are being examined. Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, Ziv Nevo Kulman, tweeted, “I am startled and frightened by the thought of the burning of more books in Sweden, be it the Koran, the Torah, or any other sacred book.

“This is obviously a hate crime that needs to be stopped.” In an interview with JNS, Aron Verstandig, the head of the Council of Swedish Jewish Communities, said: “We think that burning all religious books is a disgrace and completely inappropriate.”

Although these were rare incidents, he pointed out that Sweden’s standing abroad had already been harmed by the burning of the Koran, first in front of the Turkish embassy and later outside the mosque in the center of the city.

The leaders of the Jewish community earlier denounced both Koran burnings.


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