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Over 100 are injured as Eritrean migrants clash with police in Tel Aviv

By 09/03/2023 8:20 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


More than 100 people were hurt, some critically, in the biggest riots to occur in more than ten years as a result of a violent demonstration by Eritrean foreigners in Tel Aviv.

In south Tel Aviv, pro- and anti-regime demonstrators and asylum seekers from Eritrea engaged in fighting and clashed with police, sparking disturbances.

The rioters from Eritrea used clubs, stones, and knives to stab victims. In an effort to put an end to the disturbances and fighting among themselves, police used live fire.

The fights resulted in at least 135 injuries, including roughly 30 police officers, and 39 arrests.

One hundred fourteen patients with varied degrees of injury were treated by MDA. Eight people are in critical condition, thirteen have significant injuries, and ninety-three have minor injuries. 30 police officers were hurt; one of them is critically ill.

Since the early hours of the day, when the first alarms regarding violent confrontations involving foreign nationals from Eritrea in Tel Aviv were relayed to Magen David Adom’s 101 emergency center, our response has been both immediate and comprehensive,” said Lior Marmelstein, Deputy Director of Operations at Magen David Adom Dan Region.

Using ambulances, ICU vehicles, emergency motorcycles, and specialist rescue squads, we strengthened our EMT and paramedic teams. Additionally, this resulted in an influx of drivers and volunteers to our units.

Our staff have treated 114 patients so far, 8 of them are seriously injured and 13 of whom have moderate injuries. “Police officers make up a sizeable portion of the injured—30 to be exact—and most of them have very minor wounds. Magen David Adom is alert and prepared in the middle of this upheaval, prepared to provide medical assistance as needed.

The idea of deporting “infiltrators who participated in the riots in Tel Aviv” would be examined, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Saturday night.

According to a statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office, “Following the serious riots, the Prime Minister decided to convene a special team of ministers to examine taking measures against the illegal infiltrators who participated in the violent riots, including deportation.”

The ministerial team will meet on Sunday at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem.


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