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Part of New Jersey’s Handgun Carry Law Is Permitted to Remain in Effect Temporarily by the Court

By 06/21/2023 6:21 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

As legal procedures continue, a federal appeals court has agreed to temporarily maintain a portion of the handgun carry statute in New Jersey.

The state attorney general’s appeal to maintain the portion of the legislation that prohibits persons from carrying firearms in “sensitive places” was granted by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday.

Additionally, it partially refused Attorney General Matt Platkin’s motion, upholding a previous court’s decision to halt an insurance mandate.

As a result of the ruling, pistols are now prohibited from being carried in zoos, public parks, libraries, museums, bars, and healthcare facilities. The law prohibits carrying weapons in those locations, classrooms, and daycare centers. The appeals court and the lower court did not specify those areas in their May injunctions, nor did the higher court.

However, the appeals court rejected the state’s attempt to overturn the lower court’s injunction against an insurance requirement for carriers of firearms that was set to go into effect in July.

The U.S. was the direct source of the 2022 law. The Supreme Court’s judgment from June invalidated a New York state law that demanded justification before granting a carry license.

The decision impacted states with similar regulations, including New Jersey, where carry permit applicants had to demonstrate a legitimate need.

In a statement, Platkin described the verdict as satisfying and a victory. Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, expressed his happiness.

Murphy said, “This choice will make New Jersey a safer state for all of us.”

The National Rifle Association affiliate Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs issued a letter advising its members to “take care” to stay informed as changes affecting the law continue to evolve.


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