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Planned ‘Day Of Hate’ Against Jews Passes By With Packed Synagogues

By 02/27/2023 9:04 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

On Saturday, the “National Day of Hate” against Jews that white supremacists had planned went off without much of a fuss despite broad warnings from law enforcement and Jewish security experts.

In the days before, synagogues and Jewish institutions throughout the United States strengthened their security protocols, reassured their worshippers, and asked their local police departments to increase patrols.

Yet the Anti-Defamation League, which tracks hatred, stated on Twitter that despite various white nationalist acts and propaganda dumps across the nation, a significant uptick in antisemitic behavior did not occur.

The group said, “2/25 has been a relatively average Saturday in America, despite concerns of rising antisemitic activities.”

A tiny extremist group in Iowa had earlier in the week threatened to vandalize synagogues, and some Jews had claimed they were staying at home or taking other safety measures in response.

Despite the threats being included in police bulletins, law enforcement authorities in New York and Chicago stated before Saturday that they had not observed any signs of specific threats.

The Safe Community Network, which manages security for Jewish organizations countrywide, concurred with that judgment.

Julie Platt, chair of the Jewish Federations of North America, wrote in an email on Friday, “This is another example of how social media is contributing to the rise in antisemitism, this time by disseminating and amplifying the activities of what is certainly a very tiny group of people.”

According to reports from synagogues, Jews who said they would not be intimidated by hatred packed the pews on Shabbat.

Non-Jewish allies who wished to express their support occasionally joined them.

According to Rabbi Eric Woodward of Beth El-Keser Israel in New Haven, Connecticut, it was jam-packed when an earlier-scheduled Silly Hat Shabbat abruptly turned into a defiant act.

Woodward had written to his congregation on Friday, saying, “We are wearing goofy hats tomorrow since it is the first Shabbat of Adar, the month when we are expected to ‘raise our joy’ and prepare for the costume celebration of Purim.

Even though the anticipated violence did not occur, the ADL said that antisemitic groups had protested on Saturday in Ohio and Georgia and disseminated antisemitic leaflets in at least four additional states.

The group wrote, “We know that the threat does not suddenly evaporate as the sun sets on this so-called “day of hatred.”

“We know that being Jewish in America in 2023 will need attention. And it gives us enormous comfort to know that we are not alone in this darkness.



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