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Police: Man fired blanks inside the Chabad Synagogue in San Francisco

By 02/03/2023 2:15 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to a synagogue leader, the shooting inside a synagogue in San Francisco on Wednesday night may have involved the use of blank ammunition instead of live ammunition, according to police who are investigating.

The incident was reported by the synagogue on Thursday morning.

There were no recorded accidents or losses of property.

Around 9:30 a.m., police were called in reference to threats made against the Balboa Street synagogue. Thursday, according to a statement from the San Francisco Police Department on early Friday.

The report’s author reported an occurrence that happened at 7:20 o’clock. On Wednesday, an unidentified guy entered the structure and “fired many times,” according to the police.

“This feels like a terrorist act to me. The intention, according to Alon Chanukov, vice president of the synagogue, was to terrorize the local Jewish population.

The altercation on Wednesday, according to KRON, was recorded on camera. A man enters a room with more than a dozen individuals seated at a table wearing a baseball cap, a jacket, and sneakers.

He motions with his hands before pulling a gun and opening fire. Less than a minute after walking in, the man waves and leaves.

Police withheld the synagogue’s name.

Chanukov claimed that when the suspect fired the rounds believed to be blanks, witnesses did not call the police, but the suspect did call them on Thursday morning.

“I doubt that anyone was aware of what was going on. We’re referring to senior citizens. The youngest was 60, followed by those in their 70s and 80s, Chanukov added, noting that there was concern about facing backlash for speaking out.

The police said that at 8 o’clock there had been another complaint of a gunman at a theater in the same Balboa Street area. this Tuesday.

A man pointed a gun at the workers before making off on foot.

While the synagogue incident on Wednesday seemed unrelated, police said, the identical descriptions show that the man in each allegation is “likely the same individual.” on Friday, investigators were still looking for the culprit.



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