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Polish officials claim that the WWII Jewish artifact cache is a rare discovery

By 01/11/2023 2:30 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Officials announced on Wednesday that hundreds of items that were most likely hidden by their Jewish owners during World War II had been found in central Poland.

In the city of Lodz last month, 400 artifacts, including silver-plated menorahs, hanukkiahs, crockery, and everyday items, were found during the reconstruction of a home and yard.

According to Lodz Deputy Mayor Adam Pustelnik, “those residents who buried these objects did so most likely anticipating that they would one day return for them, that they would be able to reclaim them.”

These people “very certainly lost their lives” during the Holocaust, according to Pustelnik.

Such tales are genuinely uncommon and priceless, and they teach us all valuable lessons.

According to Krzysztof Hejmanowski, a building inspector with the Warbud construction business, whose crew discovered the hidden cache, the things were contained in a wooden box and wrapped in newspapers.

According to officials, the city’s Archaeology Museum will receive the recovered items.

Experts believe the item was stowed somewhere early in the conflict.

The items were discovered at 23 Polnocna Street, just beyond the Litzmannstadt Ghetto’s boundaries.

The Nazi German occupiers constructed the Lodz Jewish Quarter in February 1940, and up to August 1944, it housed around 200,000 Jews from all across Europe. There or in detention camps, the majority perished.

Magorzata Loeffler, a representative of the Municipal Investment Administration, claimed that the objects and their histories inspire “passion and deep contemplation about the reality that we are not alone, that we leave something behind.”



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