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Potential NY Governor Candidate, Tom Suozzi, Backs Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown; Appeals To “Defeat the Socialists”

By 10/11/2021 4:02 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Pledging to help defeat socialist candidate India Walton for mayor in Buffalo, Rep. Tom Suozzi came out swinging in support of four-term, incumbent write-in candidate Mayor Byron Brown. Is positioning Suozzi as the leading moderate voice in the Democratic Party upstate, standing as a major contender against Hochul.
In a bid to put an end to the extremist agenda of the Democratic Socialists of America- which famously include the “Squad” members- Suozzi (D-Long Island) implored Buffalo residents to make the right choice by re-electing Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.


Source: Newsday Credit: Reece T. Williams

On Saturday, he endorsed Brown at his campaign headquarters saying, “The eyes of the country are going to be focused on Buffalo. We don’t want to wake up on Nov. 3, and people say, ‘Buffalo just elected the first socialist mayor in the past 50 years.’ We can’t make that happen in Buffalo! If we let them win, we will lose everything. We will lose the American people, we will lose New Yorkers, will lose Buffalonians, if we adopt that type of extremist agenda.” He added, “I’m here to say very, very clearly that we need to elect Byron Brown and defeat the socialists.”
With this endorsement and the fact that Hochul has still not endorsed in the contest, Suozzi is clearly trying to show he’s the leading voice of the moderate, mainstream wing of the Democratic Party versus the AOC-inspired far-left DSA wing.

“We have to send a message to these socialists with bad ideas that it stops right here in the city of Buffalo,” Brown said on Saturday following Suozzi’s introduction. “This is the firewall for our state; this is the firewall for our nation.”

In a statement to Yid Info Congressman Suozzi said “I constantly hear from people that they are worried about the socialists and the far left taking over the Democratic Party and the State of New York. I am too. We don’t want to defund the police or allow sex offenders to roam our streets without facing jail time. So, I am endorsing Mayor Byron Brown and making a contribution to his campaign. He is an effective mayor and a good Democrat. Let’s stop worrying and start acting. Let’s “Write Down Byron Brown.”


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