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President Herzog Claims Sides ‘Closer Than Ever To Agreements On Judicial Reforms

By 03/06/2023 2:58 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to a report by Arutz Sheva, President Yitzchak Herzog met a group of 100 mayors and leaders of local councils on Monday to support the discussions regarding the reforms. Herzog has been working to mediate between government officials and opponents of judicial reform.

“A period of tremendous national danger,” according to Herzog, was the topic of his speech.

He emphasized that the words “since we are in severe trouble” were included in the special prayer this morning for the short day. We are also described as a “stiff-necked people,” I believe that the combination of these two factors – the seriousness of our predicament and our stubbornness – poses one of the biggest challenges to the State of Israel. We are in crisis, one that threatens to destroy us from within.”

Herzog said that everyone must concur that the army should be excluded entirely. “The military should not be brought into the discussion. The president declared, “The IDF is the army of us all and is essential for our defense.

Herzog said, “You, the chiefs of local administrations, can see firsthand the horrible devastation being perpetrated. “I’m talking about a sharp rise in inquiries for mental health care, and I’ve already heard from the Eran association for mental health help that 25% of the questions are about the crisis and its effects.

The president stated, “We also know that the effects of the crisis are likely to have a significant economic impact. They have not yet been felt but will undoubtedly be felt in the upcoming quarters.

What will happen after that? An increase will follow budget cuts in jobless benefit applications. Businesses will start taking their capital out of the market, possibly even completely. We cannot even begin to imagine the vast and devastating effects that could result from this.

We are now approaching our 75th Independence Day, a day that should be filled with celebration, but this year, we find ourselves divided, with violence and ongoing protests, and perhaps even complete paralysis of the state. This is the primary concern I have.

The State of Israel’s democratic roots are in peril as things stand with the reforms, he said. “I have already stated that discussing judicial system reform is appropriate and that some reforms are advised. All I can say is that over the past few weeks,

I have done everything in my power to encourage dialogue and make it possible for the parties to come to a settlement.
“I continue to believe that we are now more likely than ever to get an agreement on an outline. On the majority of issues, agreements exist behind the scenes.

They are sensible and make sense. On the other hand, it is dependent upon our national leadership, the coalition leaders, and the opposition on whether they will succeed in rising to the magnitude of the moment in recognition of the terrible alternative that is lurking – on whether they will put the country and its citizens above everything else.

“The outline I am developing offers responses to folks on both sides of the argument. It establishes significant historical constitutional underpinnings and firmly establishes a constructive balance between the three arms of government.

It safeguards the independence of the judiciary as well as democracy and human rights. Additionally, it defends minorities and upholds Israel’s status as a democratic, Jewish state founded on the Declaration of Independence.

“Because you are in positions of great authority, I am pleading with you, local government leaders, for assistance as it is now the eleventh hour! Use all of your contacts and influence to appeal to everyone affected by the situation and to everyone with power.


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