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President Trump And Other Key White House Officials To Reportedly Get Vaccine Today

By 12/14/2020 9:30 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to a Bloomberg report, President Trump, as well as certain key officials at the White House, will be offered the Pfizer vaccine as early as today. In an attempt to banish thoughts of the vaccine being unsafe for use, it is quite possible that top staffers will be administered the doses within the next few days, to assure citizens of its safety.

“The American people should have confidence that they are receiving the same safe and effective vaccine as senior officials of the United States government,” National Security Council spokesman John Ullyot told Bloomberg. This being said, it is still unknown as to how many doses will be sent to the White House from the Pfizer facility, and who will get the first shot. 

Source: BBC

Although the first phase of the vaccines will be administered to healthcare workers and nursing home inhabitants, the New York Times reported that West Wing staff who work closely with Trump were informed that they had been scheduled to receive the inoculation soon. The report also noted that the vaccinations are part of an effort to stop more government officials from contracting COVID-19, with the goal being for all White House employees to eventually be immunized.

Over the past few months, the White House has seen many top officials contract the disease, partly due to the nature of their work, including the President, the first lady, and their son Barron. This has made it crucial for members of the government machinery to get vaccinated, and as per the Bloomberg report, essential personnel in all three branches of the government will have the option to get the injection, and the shots would be staggered over the next 10 days to ensure staff doesn’t experience possible side effects all at the same time.

Source: Yahoo News

Meanwhile, the director of the National Institutes of Health Dr. Francis Collins on Sunday asked Americans to “hit the reset button” on any skepticism they might have over the COVID-19 vaccine. “It’s been discussed in a public meeting, all the details of the safety and the efficacy for anybody who wants to look. This is a very powerful outcome of this incredibly intense yearlong experience to develop this,” the NIH chief said in an interview with NBC. 



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