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President Trump Condemns Portland Protesters For Toppling Statues

By 10/13/2020 11:00 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

President Trump took to condemn the actions of Portland Demonstrators, who, on Columbus day, toppled statues of former Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday night in a declaration of “rage”. Calling them Antifa Radicals and Biden’s Fools, he called upon the FBI to investigate into Antifa terror groups on an urgent basis. 

On Sunday night, extremist liberal protesters in Portland staged what was called an “Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage,” a day before Columbus day. Claiming  15th-century Italian explorer Christopher Columbus to be a polarizing figure who spurred centuries of genocide against indigenous populations in the Americas, an unruly group of citizens threw chains around Roosevelt’s statue and splashed red paint on the monument, whilst using a blowtorch on the statue’s base. 

Pulling down the statue eventually, they then moved on to disrupt the Lincoln statue, spray-painting the words “Stolen Land” and taking it down within minutes. Enraged by the sheer audacity of this vandalism, President Trump tweeted on Monday, saying “These are Biden fools. ANTIFA RADICALS. Get them FBI, and get them now!” 

Source: OneSub

After toppling the statues, the unruly crowd began smashing windows at the Oregon Historical Society and later moved onto the Portland State University Campus Public Safety office to continue their rioting. 

Another video went viral on Twitter, wherein the crowd is heard shouting, “F— all you colonizers. Every one of you that’s against Black Lives Matter can f— the f— off.” 

Reacting to this anarchic behavior, the President posted “Put these animals in jail, now. The Radical Left only knows how to take advantage of very dumb ‘leadership’ fools. This is Biden! Law & Order! The Radical Left fools in Portland don’t want any help from real Law Enforcement which we will provide instantaneously. Vote!” Trump said, adding in a separate tweet: “Taking advantage of fools. Law & Order! Portland, call in the Feds!”

Source: KGW-TV

His last tweet from the series read, “The FBI and Law Enforcement must focus their energy on ANTIFA and the Radical Left, those who have spent the summer trying to burn down poorly run Democrat Cities throughout the USA!”

Declaring the event a riot, Portland police ordered the group to disperse and warned that any sort of “criminal behavior, including vandalism” was subject to arrests. 

There are no official statements on how many arrests were made, as of now.

Source: News Break


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