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President Zelensky is greeted by Moshe Morgereten in Kiev and given a silver mezuzah

By 12/15/2022 10:31 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The leader of the Tzedek organization, Chasidic Jewish social activist Moshe Morgereten, met with Vladimir Zelensky on Wednesday in Kiev.

His father, Oleksandr Zelensky, had invited Morgereten to meet with the president because he had been impressed and inspired by the work that Tzedek had done in Ukraine to assist refugees and provide dozens of ambulances to the nation, which has been under Russian bombardment since last February.

During the meeting, Morgereten relayed greetings to the Ukrainian president from several senators who said they would continue to help the country.

Oleksander had instructed his son to see “the rabbi from Monsey.”

He then presented Zelensky with a silver Mezuzah with his name. Zelensky thanked him for the gift and assured him that it would keep him safe.

Rabbi Liron Edri, the rabbi of Krivoi Rodz, the city where Zelensky’s parents lived before the war, and Rabbi Morgereten met with the president.

The two were led through three security checkpoints and a dark corridor to the president’s executive office—they were not permitted to bring phones into the meeting.

Bodyguards for Zelensky took pictures of the gathering.

Morgereten expressed his desire to visit the US in the future, which the president expressed with great enthusiasm.

Morgereten extended an invitation to him to visit New Square and informed him that locals had given a million dollars to support the Jews of Ukraine.

Zelensky stated that he would be delighted to see the Skver Rebbe and noted that he was aware of Skver’s former prominence as a vibrant Jewish hub.

Tens of ambulances from Morgereten’s group have been transported to the war-torn nation of Ukraine and have participated in numerous rescue missions there.

Following a specific campaign by Skver chasidim to aid Jewish refugees in Ukraine, the ambulances were donated.


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