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Protestors Rally Outside BBC Headquarters Demanding Accountability for Anti-Jewish coverage

By 12/14/2021 11:00 AMNo Comments

Demanding the British Broadcasting Company to take cognizance of its recent anti-Jewish coverage as many as 250 protestors stood outside of the headquarters on Monday night, with placards reading, “Stop Blaming Jews”.

Led by the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), the protest follows the reporting of the anti-semitic incident on Oxford Street on November 29, during the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, in which a group of Jewish teenagers was verbally assaulted and forced back onto their bus by a group of men – who were seen hitting the vehicle with their hands and shoes while spitting and hurling anti-Semitic insults. 

Source: Daily Mail (Nathan Lilienfeld)

In response, the BBC News website reported that racial slurs against Muslims could be heard from inside the bus – leading Jewish organizations to accuse the BBC of victim-blaming. It came after one reporter allegedly said it was ‘not clear what role’ the supposed ‘anti-Muslim slurs’ may have had in the incident. 

In a press release, CAA said the report of anti-Muslim slurs coming from inside the bus was ‘made with no evidence to support it’, adding that it was ‘contradicted in the article by a witness from the bus who said that she heard no such slurs. On its BBC London Evening News, the BBC even suggested that ‘it’s not clear what role [the supposed slurs] may have had in the incident.’  

During the protests, people at the event chanted, “BBC, where the proof? BBC, tell the truth”, while a spokesperson for CAA said: “Tonight’s rally sends a message to the BBC that the Jewish community has had enough of years of the BBC victim-blaming Jewish people for anti-Semitism, downplaying racism towards Jews, platforming anti-Semites and fuelling anti-Semitism in Britain.”




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