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Putin asserts that Moscow cannot disregard NATO’s nuclear capability

By 02/26/2023 6:07 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In an interview that will be shown on Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Moscow had suspended its participation in the New START deal due to both American and NATO nuclear capabilities.

Putin asserted in passages broadcast by Russian news agencies, as he has frequently done during the conflict in Ukraine that Russia faced an existential threat because, in his opinion, NATO members want to “strategic defeat” his nation.

Putin declared on Tuesday that Russia would no longer take part in the inspections of nuclear warheads and missiles under the 2010 deal.

After Friday’s anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, he said in an interview that will appear on state TV channel Russia 1 that his declaration was motivated by the need to “guarantee security, strategic stability” for Russia.

“How can we disregard their nuclear capabilities in these circumstances,” a senior NATO official asked.

“All the top NATO countries have indicated that inflicting a strategic defeat on us is their main goal.” According to the extracts, Putin inquired.

Putin claimed a year ago that his main objective in invading Ukraine was to lessen dangers to Russian security.

He has allegedly used those threats as grounds for possibly using nuclear weapons on Ukraine at various points throughout the conflict.

The Russian president and his foreign minister have presented the conflict as a de facto conflict between Russia and NATO and Ukraine, as Western military assistance flowed into the occupied nation.

The allies of Ukraine have made it clear that they prefer to stay out of combat.

The last remaining arms control pact between Moscow and Washington is New START. Putin declared that Russia could not accept U.S. nuclear site inspections under the agreement, while Washington and its NATO partners want to see Moscow defeated in Ukraine.

This is why he has suspended his nation’s participation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry declared that Moscow would uphold the treaty’s limits on nuclear weapons and continue informing the United States about ballistic missile test launches.

The Russian president reiterated that Moscow was not leaving the agreement.

While NATO nations are not signatories to the New START pact, according to Putin’s interview with Russia 1, they have “discussions on the topic.”

Putin claimed that the West wanted to destroy Russia, a claim he has frequently made to defend Russian actions in Ukraine.

The dissolution of the former Soviet Union and its core member, the Russian Federation, is their only objective, according to Putin.

Invoking the nationalism of his constituents, Putin prophesied that ethnic Russians might not last as a distinct group if the West is successful in destroying Russia and gaining power.

“There will be Muscovites, Uralians, and others,” he predicted of Russia’s likely disintegration into regional factions. He hypothesized that the West could only partially admit Russia into the so-called “family of civilized peoples,” slicing the nation into distinct parts.




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