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Rabbi Lau advises Jewish rescuers in Turkey to continue working during Shabbos

By 02/10/2023 8:24 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi David Lau of Israel has issued an open letter to the Israeli mission to Turkey.

In accordance with pikuach nefesh, he gave Jewish rescuers halachic directions to carry on their duties on Friday night and Shabbos day.

Rabbi Lau emphasized that wherever there is a potential to save lives and locate survivors, the engineering team must continue its operations.

Three hundred eighty soldiers from Israel’s military, including teams for search-and-rescue operations and medical care, have been sent to Turkey.

Additionally, Israel built a field hospital in Kahramanmaraş, the epicenter of the earthquake’s devastation.

A delegation trying to rescue survivors from beneath the wreckage of fallen buildings and treat them in a field hospital established by the IDF in the disaster zone includes volunteers from United Hatzalah, ZAKA, and Home Front officers.

Field hospitals should “continue to operate properly” through Shabbat, according to Rabbi Lau.

The message stated, “a terrible catastrophe occurred this week in Turkey.” “A powerful earthquake struck many towns, and many buildings fell on those within. Rescue efforts have been ongoing for a while.

“The State of Israel has helped individuals in need and deployed Home Front officials and United Hatzalah personnel delegations.

The delegations are teams that use mechanical and engineering tools to identify and remove the casualties and teams of medical professionals that work in the field hospital.

According to the message, rescue operations would continue on Shabbat.

1) The field hospital will continue to function normally and offer medical care to everyone who requires it.

2) Rescue crews should take all necessary precautions to save lives wherever there is a remote possibility of finding a survivor hidden behind the debris.



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