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Rabbi Leo Dee blasts CNN for conflating Arab terrorism and Israeli self-defense

By 04/28/2023 9:29 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Rabbi Leo Dee, who sadly lost his wife and two daughters in a terror attack before Pesach, criticized CNN for associating his family’s murder with Israel’s deeds of self-defense against Palestinians.

Rabbi Dee referred to “terror journalism” and the “moral equivalency” of Israel and its attackers.

Rabbi Dee revealed the murder of his wife Lucy, 48, and daughters Maia, 20, and Rina, 15 HY” D, in an emotional television interview last week.

“Well, as with most conflicts, those impacted the most are those who have the least to do with the fighting,” reporter Christina Macfarlane stated at the end of the segment. And, just as we heard Rabbi Dee’s story, we’ll hear similar stories from Palestinians.”

“The moral equivalency is outrageous,” Rabbi Dee told the UK’s Jewish Chronicle (JC). On the Israeli side, there is no comparison. In almost 30 years, I have been unaware of any Israeli terrorist who has slain Palestinians in cold blood.

“Terror journalism is tearing apart the world.” We could quickly achieve peace if we had accurate reporting. Terror sells, not peace.”

“Most Palestinians are good people,” said Rabbi Dee once. According to the JC, his family has received condolence notes from Palestinians.

“There is no such thing as a moral equivalence between terrorist and victim,” he added. Terrorists are usually evil.”

The British government was chastised after the Foreign Office issued a weak statement about the incident.

“We are saddened to hear about the deaths of two British-Israeli citizens and the serious injuries sustained by a third individual,” it added, calling on “all parties… to de-escalate tensions.”

Israel’s former US ambassador Michael Oren tweeted: “Shame on Britain.” There is no mention of Palestinians or terror and no anger. The sisters ‘died,’ and a third person was injured.”

The Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, addressed a more brutal letter to Rabbi Dee last Thursday.

“There can be no justification for such senseless and abhorrent violence,” it stated.

The United Kingdom remains committed to working with Israeli authorities and other parties in the region to end the terrorism that Israel faces and the deadly cycle of violence that we have seen all too clearly.”




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