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Rabbi Leo Dee Urges an end to PA funding

By 07/12/2023 3:21 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Rabbi Leo Dee demanded on Wednesday that Jerusalem cut off all financing to the Palestinian Authority and allow Palestinians the opportunity to work in Israel after his wife and two teenage daughters were killed in a Palestinian terror strike.

At a gathering of the Israel Victory Caucus in the Knesset, the British-born Efrat resident, who made national and worldwide headlines for his message of unity following the fatal shooting in April, addressed the passionate plea to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Regarding the infamous “pay-for-slay” program, in which the P.A. funds terrorists and murderers, he claimed, “The Palestinian Authority is a terrorist state. It gives money to the terrorists’ families.

“With an authority that funds terror, there is no two-state solution or future possible,” he added.

Dee, who in May was given the opportunity to represent Israel as a special envoy to Jewish communities around the world, claimed that foreign ministers and ambassadors from a number of Western nations have told him directly that the two-state solution, which they had promoted for more than three decades, is no longer feasible.

He claimed that all of them had admitted in private that the two-state solution was a dead horse.

Dee claimed that a “new economic reality,” in which Palestinians are both willing to work in Israel and dissatisfied with their leadership, is already in place and should be capitalized upon.

For those without a criminal record, this would entail “unlimited access” to the Israeli labor market, he claimed.

He believes that would guarantee that Hamas wouldn’t become more powerful than the P.A. Dee stated of the Palestinians, “Let’s stop funding the leadership and give the people what they want.

Security officials in Israel have long advised against weakening the P.A. potentially leave a void that allows Hamas to expand its presence in Judea and Samaria.

Netanyahu promised to stop the fall of the P.A., which is supported by the West, last week. Israel is in charge of collecting customs taxes and other tax money on behalf of the P.A. in accordance with the Oslo Accords. and transferring them on a monthly basis to Ramallah.

However, Israel approved a law requiring that a portion of the tax income Ramallah transfers be withheld in order to match the stipends it provides to security inmates and the families of dead attackers.

This requirement was implemented in 2018.

The Taylor Force Act, which prohibits financial support for the P.A., was also passed by the US. unless it stops giving out terror stipends via its Martyr’s Fund.

Dee recently received a job offer to represent Israel in Jewish communities around the world.


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