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Record-setting 7.3 Million Dollars Raised During 36-Hour-Campaign for Acclaimed Refuah Helpline Organization

By 08/24/2023 12:17 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Refuah Helpline received a staggering 27,000 individual donations, totaling $7,300,000, to support the organization’s heroic efforts, making headlines throughout the chested community.

Over the past ten years, and especially in the last few, the organization has seen a spectacular rise. The renowned ba’alas chested Mrs. Hanna Landau of Monroe developed the Refuah Helpline, which has grown to be the go-to-resource for Cholei Yisroel.

The numerous staff members not only assist, expedite, defend, and support any patient seeking medical attention, but also support, assist, and hold their hands through the challenging procedure while managing everything linked to their struggle.

And Klal Yisroel is unmistakably paying attention. In reality, the annual campaign raised $2,000,000 just drei Jahre ago, but thanks to the expansion and influence of this objective, the organization has now reached the summit of the tzedakah and chesed scene.

Friedco Media is once again in charge of the campaign’s Marketing. Mr. Yoel Fried told us that „our community has a good eye and they know what’s real” when we spoke with him about this endeavor. The hard-effort Refuah Helpline puts out, when no one is looking, is responsible for this campaign’s success. I’m happy we were able to do more to support their cause and spread the news.

The theme for this year’s campaign was „All the Way”, a tribute to the organization’s dedication to helping patients find a refuah shleimah by doing everything it takes to stay with them for as long as it takes. Klal Yisroel responded positively to this message and went above and beyond to support the effort.

And thousands of Cholei Yisroel are undoubtedly grateful for it.


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