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Reports of Multiple BB Gun Shootings on Simchas Torah, Targeting Jews

By 10/10/2023 4:54 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


In addition to two alleged attacks in Brooklyn the following day, there are reports of three BB gun shooting incidents targeting Jews on Simchas Torah night in the Monsey area.

On Motzei Shabbos, Chaverim of Rockland received three complaints of Jews being shot at while they were walking to and from the synagogue. Two of the events were in Airmont, where passing cars fired shots at people strolling by, and one incidence happened in the Monsey area near Bates and Horton.

On one occasion, two women were targeted while heading to shul at the crossroads of Smith Hill Road and Sumter Road in Airmont. According to reports, the suspect was operating an older Dodge Grand Caravan.

Thank God, none of the attacks resulted in any injuries. Ramapo police are also conducting an investigation in addition to Chaverim.

Yossie Margaretten of Chaveirim of Rockland was described in Hamodia as saying, “Chaveirim received conflicting reports as to what the passing car looked like, so it is possible that the victims were uncertain from which passing car the shots came.”

We don’t yet know if the instances are related to one another or if the recent fighting in Eretz Yisrael had anything to do with them.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Ramapo Police at 845-357-2400 or Chaverim of Rockland at 845-371-6333, according to the Ramapo Police and Chaverim of Rockland.

Additionally, on Simchas Torah Day, there were apparently BB gun shooters in Brooklyn who targeted Jews.

On the corner of Lawrence Avenue and McDonald, a source claims that a frum resident was fired with a BB pistol from a rooftop. Two adolescent guys who live on the same block as the attackers were attacked from the same rooftop an hour later.

Middle Eastern Arab tenants of the building where the BB bullets were fired have led to suspicions of an anti-Semitic act, especially in view of the present unrest in Israel.


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