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Republicans Get Majority In House Of Representatives

By 11/17/2022 9:51 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Republicans took over the U.S. On Wednesday, the GOP regained control of the House, allowing the conservatives to thwart President Joe Biden’s agenda and launch a flurry of investigations.

However, a tenuous majority will provide immediate difficulties for GOP leaders and make the party’s capacity to rule more difficult.

Republicans won the 218th seat necessary to take back control of the House from the Democrats more than a week after election day.

Given that votes in close contests are still being tallied, it might be a few more days or perhaps a few weeks before the full extent of the party’s majority is known.

However, they are on track to put together a majority that may be the party’s slimmest in the twenty-first century, rivaling that of 2001, when Republicans had just a nine-seat majority, 221-212, with two independents.

That falls far short of the landslide triumph the GOP projected before this year’s midterm elections when the party intended to reshape the legislative calendar by leveraging the economy and Joe Biden’s waning support.

In contrast, Democrats showed unexpected tenacity by retaining control of moderate, suburban districts from Virginia to Minnesota and Kansas.

The outcomes might make House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy’s intentions to become speaker more difficult, as several conservative members aren’t sure whether to support him or have put restrictions on it.

In a statement on Wednesday night, President Joe Biden praised McCarthy and stated that he is “ready to work with House Republicans to deliver outcomes for working families.”

The elections last week showed the power and tenacity of American democracy. According to Biden’s statement, election skeptics, political violence, and intimidation were firmly rejected.

There was a clear assertion that the people would rule in America.

“The future is too promising to be caught in political strife,” he continued.


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