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Restaurant owners in Tel Aviv declare they will be open on Tisha B’Av Eve “to protest judicial reforms”

By 07/26/2023 9:36 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Several well-known Tel Aviv restaurateurs made the contentious announcement that they would conduct regular business on Wednesday evening, the eve of Tisha B’Av, in a controversial effort to voice their opposition to the judicial reforms being implemented in Israel.

Both proponents and opponents of the court reforms criticized the restaurant owners for their lack of respect for Jewish history.

According to a remark from chef Yuval Ben-Neria in the Calcalist, “I had no hesitation because we are open year-round and enjoying the free market, so in the evening we will open the restaurants as usual.

I believe it is my moral obligation to uphold my commitment to my clientele, who have been ferociously protesting the nature of the nation and our right to live in a democratic and liberal country for 30 weeks in Tel Aviv’s streets directly in front of my restaurant, in light of the recent events.

“This is a really difficult time for all of us, both as citizens and as owners of businesses in a sector that has been severely impacted by the protests and the disenfranchisement that permeates society.

Staying loyal to myself, then, is the one thing I believe I must do. more so now than ever before. I also invite our visitors to attend and show their opposition in this manner.

“On this occasion, I urge Mayor Huldai to maintain Tel Aviv’s freedom and refrain from fining upcoming businesses.

I also urge him to grant immediate property tax and other payment discounts to companies that have been at the vanguard of the fight against democracy for at least 30 weeks.

We have a right to the municipality’s support so that we may navigate this crisis together since we are on the front lines of the conflict.

Moriah Shalom, the head of the Government Advertising Bureau, commented on Facebook, “Well done! You angered the pious and made it clear to them who was in authority.

The chef exclaims, “We will feed our nation even on Tisha B’Av,” since this is the true protest! What do you want your kids to become when they grow up? What is their background? What is left behind? Who are you really trying to hurt here? ”

Congratulations to the restaurant owners for joining the effort, but in my humble view, this is not the way, remarked Moshe Radman, one of the organizers of the technological demonstrations against judicial reforms.

Tisha B’Av is a day for the entire Jewish people worldwide, not just the religious fanatics in charge of our government.

Jewish holidays for celebration and mourning cannot be profaned while chareidi wheeling and dealing, such as that of Badatz and other supervisions of the rabbinate, is being opposed.

Chaim Goren, the vice mayor of Tel Aviv, also vehemently attacked the eateries for opening, asking, “Didn’t we learn anything? Since Tisha B’Av has been a Jewish national holiday for decades, anyone who violates it is first and foremost violating the memory of his ancestors and all earlier generations who suffered severe tragedies on this day.

I appeal to all members of the public, including protesters, to refrain from taking part in this heinous crime. This is illegal, but more importantly, it’s an attempt to sow division inside our country and undermine the only thing holding us together—national cohesion. Do you intend to actively do harm? ”

Eateries, bars, and any other establishments classified as eateries must be closed on the eve of Tisha B’Av in accordance with the 1998 law limiting the opening of recreational facilities on Tisha B’Av and the amendment from 2002; violators of the law risk fines.


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