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RFK Jr. Removes Outrageous Tweet Honoring Nazi Supporter Roger Waters as a “GLOBAL HERO”

By 05/29/2023 9:16 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The former Pink Floyd vocalist Roger Waters is an antisemite who just gave a virulently pro-Nazi performance in Berlin that was disrespectful to Holocaust victims, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tweeted his support for him.

Later, Kennedy, competing against Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination for president, erased his surprising tweet.

Police in Berlin said last week they had started looking into Waters on suspicion of incitement due to a costume he donned at a performance earlier this month.

Social media posts included pro-Palestinian activist Waters firing a toy machine gun while wearing a long black coat and a red armband, which may be seen as a celebration, defense, or endorsement of Nazi power.

Additionally, Anne Frank, a Holocaust victim, was brutally maligned by Waters.

“Roger,” tweeted Mr. Kennedy. The top priests of the totalitarian orthodoxies are attempting to silence you through censorship, gaslighting, and defamation.

You are the international hero Orwell had in mind when he remarked, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Keep speaking truth to power, please!”

The scandalous post was then deleted, but not before Waters congratulated him and expressed his shock.

Kennedy apologized for comments at a demonstration hosted by his anti-vaccine non-profit the previous year.

“You could travel to Switzerland across the Alps even in Hitler’s Germany. He urged the gathering at the DC event in January 2022, “You may hide in an attic as Anne Frank did.

Days later, he tweeted: “I apologize for my reference to Anne Frank, especially to families who endured the horrors of the Holocaust.

My goal was to illustrate the dangers of modern control technologies by using instances of historical brutality. I am sincerely sorry if my words have offended you in any way.

The Associated Press conducted an investigation and discovered that Mr. Kennedy had “invoked the specter of Nazis and the Holocaust when talking about public health measures meant to save lives during the pandemic, such as requiring masks or vaccine mandates” – including “a video that showed Fauci in a Hitler mustache” and a speech that “obliquely compared public health measures put in place by governments around the world to Nazi propaganda meant to scare people into abandoning critical thinking.”



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