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RFK: Venue Cancels Pro-Israel Event with No Justification

By 07/24/2023 10:42 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


According to the event’s organizers, the location that was supposed to host a pro-Jewish event with RFK Jr. has been abruptly canceled. Robert Kennedy Jr., a Democrat running for president, was supposed to host a meeting on Tuesday to “discuss fighting antisemitism and championing Israel.”

Kennedy and Shmuley Boteach, who assisted in organizing the event, claim that the New York Society for Ethical Culture abruptly cancelled the event without providing an explanation. They were bound by a contract, he added.

After Kennedy made divisive remarks against Jews in recent weeks, it’s possible that the venue was reluctant to hold such an event.

According to Boteach, a new location was identified at the last minute. RFK tweeted: My event with Rabbi Shmuley slated for tomorrow night has been canceled by the New York Society for Ethical Culture, @EthicalNYC.

Since they broke a legally binding contract and abruptly canceled it, they are obviously under a great deal of pressure. This demonstrates the DNC’s unwavering resolve and enormous capacity to block criticism of a President under fire. For tomorrow in Manhattan, WE ARE SEARCHING FOR ANOTHER LOCATION. Remain tuned.

If you object to this kind of political censorship, let @EthicalNYC know. Protect free expression with our help!

Kennedy has faced harsh criticism for remarks he made that implied Ashkenazi Jews were more resistant to the COVID virus than other ethnic groups.

Regardless of his intentions, many Jewish leaders and others felt that the remarks were extremely harmful because they made reference to terrible antisemitic stereotypes.

Kennedy made the following remarks about the incident last week: “My longtime ties to the Jewish community and support for Israel speak for themselves, and I’m looking forward to speaking with my friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on ‘America’s Rabbi’ this Tuesday in front of a live audience about issues that affect my Jewish brothers and sisters.

Observations from Rabbi Shmuley on the situation: Slandering Bobby Kennedy as an antisemite is reprehensible and wicked because he has expressed more support for Israel than any Democratic contender for president in decades.

Bobby is the only Democratic Party leader to oppose President Biden’s new Iran deal, which would pay the murderous Mullahs billions while they threaten a second Holocaust.

He has described the IDF as one of the most morally upright militaries in the world and declared that Jews have lived in the Holy Land since the time of the Bible.


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