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Safety Tips and Tricks to Best Prevent and Handle Increased Cases of Lost Children

By 07/11/2022 10:24 PMNo CommentsM. C. MILLMAN

The annual increase of missing children during the summer, both in the City and Upstate has already begun. Shomrim, which works round the clock in the city as well as the Catskills shared safety tips with Yid Info to inform the community on how to both prevent children from going missing and increase chances of finding those who are lost in an expediated fashion.

• Every minute counts for a lost child. Don’t lose precious time by putting the call off for hours, including on Shabbos.
• Take a picture of your child daily if possible or at least before a trip. This way, you’ll have an accurate picture of what he is wearing should there be a need.

What to Tell Your Child to Do if He Is Lost
• Stay on the trail even if gets dark. Otherwise, this makes the search and rescue much more difficult.
• Know that no matter the emergency, help is always a minimum of one hour away.
• If you hit a road, any road, dirt or paved, or any open area, stay on it, as you will be more likely to be found on a road than in the woods.

Suggestions and Supplies for Group Trips With Children
• Put name tags on smaller children with their name, camp (if applicable) and phone number in case they get lost during an outing.
• Bring along basic first-aid kits.
• Bring flashlights for afternoon/long hikes.
• Bring along enough responsible manpower so that there will be those who can accompany an injured person or those who can stay back at different points with worn-out hikers who can’t push themselves to the same limits as others in the group.
• Bring charged cell phones, but don’t rely on them as cell phones do not work in all areas.
• Even if there is no cell service for calls, try sending a text instead.
• Plan the route before the trip.
• Bring a list of medications, allergies and medical history for all hikers


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