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Sarah Silverman, a comedian, retracts her pro-Israel remarks following backlash on Twitter

By 10/22/2023 1:35 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Sarah Silverman, a left-leaning Jewish comedian, has apologized for her social media posts supporting Israel after receiving harsh criticism from the left.

On October 18, Silverman retweeted this remark to her 2 million Instagram followers in an Instagram Story.

The message states, “Many are saying it’s inhumane that Israel is cutting off water and electricity to Gaza.” Israel made it very clear: “Release the hostages, and we will turn it back on.”

However, politicians (cough cough, AOC [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez]) are criticizing Israel for being callous instead of pleading with Hamas to release civilian detainees, including infants and toddlers.

If that isn’t enough for you, consider this: Israel is not required to provide these supplies to Gaza (which they do at no cost). The infrastructure for Hamas to support itself could be built if they didn’t waste billions of dollars on terrorism. The comedian was referred to as “a genocidal maniac supporting starving Palestinian civilians by denying them water and electricity” by one Twitter user after her post sparked an uproar.

The mainstream rhetoric has officially reached the point where “they actually don’t deserve water and electricity,” according to Keyvan. It is amazing that Sarah Silverman would tell 2 million people that they don’t deserve food and water while sitting in her home, which was constructed on the backs of unskilled, third-rate joke-telling.

Silverman subsequently apologized and removed the tweet, claiming that she had been “stoned” and had been preoccupied with “wondering where the hostages are” when she criticized those who called Israel “inhumane” for cutting off water and electricity to Gaza.

‘Oh, yeah I pulled that down. I put it in tales from someone. I realized it was a mistake to post in the stoned fury of wondering where the hostages are in all this mayhem,’ Silverman responded to one post that condemned her.


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