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School Bus Carrying Yeshiva Students Engulfed in Flames; Miraculously No Injuries

By 05/24/2023 2:57 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


After his bus caught fire on Tuesday afternoon, a brave yeshiva school bus driver rescued the day by averting what might have been a terrible tragedy.

B’chasdei Hashem, numerous yeshiva students were able to leave the burning bus in Rego Park unharmed.

Black smoke was seen swirling into the sky as video footage showed the bus completely engulfed in flames.

Because of how hot the fire was, it spread to surrounding vehicles.

But because of a real-life hero, this catastrophe avoided becoming a tragedy.

The school bus driver, who has more than 30 years of driving experience, is being hailed as a hero for pulling the young, terrified pupils off the burning bus and out of harm’s way.

Six children were still on the bus when it caught fire, but the driver managed to get them out swiftly, getting them out of harm’s way, and no children were injured, according to FDNY Battalion Chief Brian Hanrahan.

One of the neighbors praised the bus driver as “fantastic”.

“Thank God, no one was wounded, and I think he’s a real hero for the kids. All of the automatics can be fixed.

The six students are all supposedly pupils at the same yeshiva in Fresh Meadows, Queens. A call was made to emergency personnel at about 3:45 p.m. near 65-44 Saunders Street in Rego Park; there were many automobiles on fire.

In order to fight the blazing bus as well as the blazing automobiles and stop the fire from spreading to adjoining apartment buildings, the chief claimed he required additional hose lines.

The absence of a tragedy was especially appreciated by the neighborhood. “All of a sudden.

Nobody could have predicted that something like this would occur.

Terrible,” remarked local resident Lika Palag.

A total of 30 firefighters and six units responded to put out the fire.


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