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Second Stabber In Canada Rampage Dies Of Self-Inflicted Wounds

By 09/08/2022 5:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

After the death of the first stabber involved in the recent incident that lead to the death of 10 people, the second suspect also lost his life to self-inflicted wounds after his car was run off the road by police Wednesday following a three-day manhunt.

Myles Sanderson, 32, the second suspect involved in a rampage that killed 10 people in and around a Canadian Indigenous reserve, was found near the town of Rosthern in the province of Saskatchewan as officers responded to a report of a stolen vehicle being driven by a man armed with a knife.

Source; Times of Israel (Kelly Geraldine Malone/The Canadian Press via AP)

Sanderson’s death comes two days after the body of his brother, 30-year-old Damien Sanderson, was found in a field near the scene of their rampage, which also wounded 18 people. Police are investigating whether Myles Sanderson killed his brother.

The rampage has raised questions about why Myles Sanderson, an ex-con with 59 convictions and a long history of shocking violence, was out on the streets in the first place. He was released by a parole board in February while serving a sentence of over four years on charges that included assault and robbery. 

Canadian Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said there will be an investigation into the parole board’s assessment of Sanderson. “I want to know the reasons behind the decision” to release him, Mendicino said. “I’m extremely concerned with what occurred here. A community has been left reeling.”

Many of Sanderson’s crimes were committed when he was intoxicated, according to court records. He told parole officials at one point that substance use made him out of his mind. Records showed he repeatedly violated court orders barring him from drinking or using drugs.



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