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Secret iPhone Tips And Tricks A Former Apple Employee Wants You To Know About

By 11/15/2021 7:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

If you’re an iPhone user, or about to become one, these tips and tricks are about to blow your mind. An ex-Apple store employee has revealed some features that you may not have known- until now.

Taking to TikTok, Canadian tech expert Sabrina Badin shared some of her handy tips to maneuver around your iPhone. Having worked as an Apple customer support employee, she had some tricks up her sleeve, that she shared with her 30,000 followers. 

First up, there’s an easy way to move multiple apps at once on your Home Screen, rather than dragging them one at a time. To move one app, press and hold on to its icon until it begins to jiggle. You can then move it to another location on the same page or to a new page. As Sabrina demonstrates in one video, you do this by tapping and holding one app and then tapping the other apps that you want to move.

Source: NY Post (TikTok)

Next, you can select multiple messages or emails at once. To do that, open up your inbox and place two fingers on the display. Drag down to select messages and release to stop. You can then choose to delete them, mark them as read, file them away in a folder, and more.

Wanted to play music in the background while recording a video? That’s totally doable. Simply play some music through your iPhone speakers using your preferred music apps, such as Spotify or Apple Music. With your tune still playing, open up the camera app. Make sure your camera is set to photo mode – not video. Tap and hold the shutter button and drag it to the right. Your iPhone will begin recording a video while your music continues to play in the background.

Lastly, you can now scan real-world text and add it to your notes, or mail, or wherever. Live Text allows you to point your iPhone camera at a real-world object and quickly copy and paste text on it onto your handset. You can grab an object with the text you want to scan and open the Camera app on your iPhone. Point the camera at the object and then tap the indicator that appears in the lower right of your display. It looks like lines of text surrounded by a box. When you tap it, the text jumps out on your display and you’re given the option, to copy, select, look up, translate or share it.

So go ahead and get using these tips now!


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