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Secular Elements Wants To Boycott Drugstore Chain After Bnei Brak Branch Covers Women’s Faces On Items

By 05/18/2023 8:16 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

After learning that the Be pharmacy chain conceals women’s faces on products in its display in Bnei Brak, a group of women are attempting to organize a boycott of the company in an effort by secular elements to mimic the chareidi boycott on Angel’s.

Although the chain maintained that the branch was set aside for the city’s chareidi community, the women asserted that this constituted unlawful “feminine exclusion.”

Over 5,000 women have signed a letter demanding that the owner of Supersol, who also owns the Be [previously Newpharm] chain, immediately remove the stickers depicting women’s faces from his products or risk a boycott from them.

“When a large chain allows itself to erase women’s faces, even in one branch, this opens the door for other chains and institutions to exclude women,” the woman wrote in the letter. We won’t allow a substantial Israeli pharmaceutical corporation to discriminate against women and eliminate us from society! The right-wing government’s general pattern of using coalition agreements to enshrine gender discrimination in the law includes placing stickers.

“This disturbing tendency needs to be reversed. We demand that Be remove the stickers from the models’ faces and that Supersol makes a commitment to not excluding women from public spaces and not to hide their faces in advertisements.

We state that it will not be silently accepted when women are excluded. We will boycott Be if they continue to discriminate against women.

We will boycott the chain and urge all other women not to shop there if they don’t make it plain that they won’t delete us and will take down the stickers.

A lawyer objected to the decision to conceal women’s faces when she arrived at the business.

The manager promised to remove the stickers “if I get a directive.” Guy Offir, the attorney, called the police, and the manager did likewise in response to Offir’s provocations.

The policeman rejected Offir’s accusations, who noted that this was standard city practice and compared it to bringing bread there for Pesach.

Be replied to the allegations by saying that it respects all segments of the Israeli people and has 90 branches around Israel, only one of which is in a chareidi neighborhood.

“This photograph was taken in a Bnei Brak store that catered to the chareidi community. This is unique to that branch.



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