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Security Officials Try to Persuade Berlin Chief Rabbi To Take Off Kippah

By 08/21/2023 11:19 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


According to a Ynet report, Berlin Chief Yehuda Teichtal vehemently refused to remove his kippah during a security check that took place last week at Berlin’s Brandenburg airport because of religious considerations.

The security guards made an effort to explain to the rabbi that it was a routine practice and that everyone who passes through security gates follows the rules.

They received clarification from Rabbi Teichtal, who strongly declined and said that, as far as he knew, there was no such commandment.

Rabbi Teichtal met urgently with Dr. Dieter Romann, President of the Federal Police of Germany, after arriving back in Berlin during the previous weekend. After learning of Rabbi Teichtal’s experience, the police chief expressed his disbelief and informed him directly that there is no such directive.

Rabbi Teichtal notes that the president of the police “officially confirmed this and also approved its publication.” In addition, “the police chief issued a directive to all federal officers in the country to cease this procedure, which was never official.”

Once again departing early on Monday, Rabbi Teichtal was not required to take off his kippah for the security check. During the inspection, he was informed, “You can keep your kippah on.”

The command to remove the kippah, a Jewish sign that never leaves our heads, was never approved and carries no legitimacy, as the president of the police himself confirmed, said Rabbi Teichtal. However, safety regulations must be obeyed.

In 2018, a Syrian refugee attacked a Jew who was sporting a kippah. Rabbi Teichtal took part in the march, proudly wearing his black kippah, as he has done since arriving in 1996. In response, 2,500 Berliners, including politicians, donned kippahs of all colors and united with Jews on a “kippah march.”

He opposes removing or masking the distinctively Jewish appearance, as some members of the community have recommended. Teichtal asserts that the solution is not to conceal or cover up our Jewish identity.

“We must continue to act and live as proud Jews while also making every effort to stop anti-Semitism,” said one expert.


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