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Senate Republicans put forth a separate funding bill for Israel that is unrelated to the Ukraine

By 10/26/2023 12:55 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


A plan to provide Israel with much-needed assistance has been offered by a group of conservative Republican senators. The difference between this measure and President Biden’s plan to help Israel is that this cash would be unrestricted and unrelated to support for Ukraine.

On Thursday, Republican Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, JD Vance, and Roger Marshall submitted a stand-alone bill to give aid to Israel.

Marshall told The Wall Street Journal, “My colleagues and I absolutely believe that any aid to Israel should not be used as pressure to give tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine.

The $106 billion emergency supplemental bill that Biden requested last week can be replaced by the Israel Supplemental Appropriations Act.

The Israel Supplemental Appropriations Act would give Israel $14.3 billion, of which $10.6 billion would come from the Department of Defense, $3.5 billion would come from foreign military financing, and $200 million would go toward embassy security.

It would improve Israel’s defensive capabilities, concentrating on improving systems like the Iron Dome and Iron Beam, along with other ideas. The major goal is to “unlink” the funding for Israel from the funding for Ukraine, an issue that is starting to divide the GOP.

Democrats and Biden want financing for Israel and Ukraine to be “attached at the hip” through their legislation. The United States has already given Ukraine more than $120 billion.

Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has pushed his party’s members to continue tying military aid to both Israel and Ukraine.


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