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Senior Israeli Commander: ‘We Eliminated A Ticking Time-Bomb

By 01/26/2023 9:01 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

More information on the counterterrorism operation has been provided by a senior member of the Yamam, an elite police reconnaissance squad that infiltrated Jenin on Thursday morning.

The terrorists from Islamic Jihad, who were preparing a slew of strikes across Greater Israel, were a ticking time bomb, the officer claimed.

Although security personnel sought to enter the camp undetected, militants were still expecting them and set up 30 different barricades to obstruct their arrival and a warning system.

Gunfire started as soon as the IDF and special forces officers were identified, initially aiming at a jeep transporting a senior IDF commander.

While this was happening, secret service agents hiding inside a milk truck broke into the camp while posing as Arabs.

They gathered close to the residence of one of the wanted terrorists, encircling the structure.

During the ensuing confrontation, Israeli fire killed at least three Islamic Jihad terrorists plotting terrorist acts.

The soldiers “went into the heart of the refugee camp and in a face-to-face encounter with terrorists exhibited dedication, courage and remarkable tenacity, repelling a fierce barrage of explosives and shooting from all directions,” according to the commander’s report.

Their admission demonstrated the terrorist cell’s tenacity and the significance of the mission into the camp.

As IDF soldiers replied to the sources of fire, several terrorists went to help the terrorist being held inside the house and opened fire with anti-tank weapons and other weapons.

According to Palestinian claims, eight terrorists in total and a 60-year-old lady caught in the crossfire were slain.

An IDF spokeswoman stated, “We are familiar with the claim that a Palestinian civilian was injured, and he was purportedly caught in the crossfire. Investigations are being conducted into the incident’s circumstances.

Two wanted terrorists were additionally located as they tried to depart the scene.

According to accounts, security forces opened fire on them, neutralizing them. “One of the wanted individuals who had locked himself inside the structure eventually turned himself into security personnel present at the scene.

Then, IDF engineers went inside the system to detonate two bombs that the wanted guys would deploy in a controlled explosion.

When a fourth wanted guy was found inside the structure, he was also neutralized.

IDF sources say, “Several armed guys were recognized and hit.

” We are investigating claims that there were further fatalities due to the gunfire exchange, and security personnel showed no signs of injury.

The office of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas responded to the morning’s events by calling the IDF operation a “premeditated crime and carnage” and urging the international community to step in.

According to the Al Jazeera network, Islamic Jihad warned the Israeli authorities that “all alternatives are open” if the incursions into Jenin do not stop.




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