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Several Breslov’e Chasidim Were Beaten And Arrested Upon Arrival At Ukrainian Airport.

By 08/30/2020 10:11 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A group of Breslov’e pilgrims traveling to Uman via France with an attempt to enter Ukraine was stopped, beaten, and even arrested.

A group of around 30 Breslov’e Chasidim that were traveling Thursday to Ukraine, tried entering Ukraine with a connecting flight from France.The group of pilgrims was stopped at the airport in France where they were kept in France for two days.

On Sunday, the group managed to leave France saying that they were a group of tourists, but were stopped on the airplane as they arrived in Ukraine. Anyone who was identified as a Jew through their passport was denied entry to Ukraine and was held for many hours.

Later on, a group of Ukrainian soldiers had entered the plane and started with violence despite the many small children on the airplane. The Jewish people who tried filming the incident had their cellphones confiscated.

One of the passengers said that there were more than thirty people on the airplane including small children. ” They did not give us water neither food, there are devotees who were beaten to death and others arrested, only for daring to photograph the soldiers beating the pilgrims. “The soldiers also did not know what to do with us. It was a deaf discourse, the passenger said.

The Prime Minister’s Office announced on Saturday night that in coordination with Health Minister Edelstein and Corona Professor, Professor Gamzo, Prime Minister Netanyahu appointed Minister Zeev Elkin to head a team of ministers to examine the possibility of a travel route to Uman, under strict restrictions by the Ukrainian authorities.


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