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Shots Fired at Orthodox Jews in Vehicles in Monticello Near Ichud Bungalows

By 08/22/2023 1:52 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


When masked individuals opened fire on their cars near Monticello High School on Route 42s, the Orthodox Jewish Community in Monticello experienced a terrifying episode.

The reasons for this incident, which happened at 11 am, are still unknown, raising concerns among the public and law authorities about possible anti-Semitic motivations.

Diese highlights the requirement for increased security measures and prompt action to protect the community from violent crimes.
The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce has aggressively teamed up with local authorities, such as Sheriff Mike Schiff and the Monticello Police, to confront the gravity of the situation.

Their joint efforts are concentrated on stepping up police patrols, tightening security, and opening a full inquiry into the incident. Together, they want to make the guilty parties answerable and stop such tragedies from happening in the future.

As this would reveal important details about the attackers’ motivation and potential threat, authorities are currently looking into whether the shots fired were loaded or were blanks.

Although it doesn’t seem like the gunfire had any immediate negative effects, this episode is a striking reminder of how vulnerable minority communities are to harassment and violence.

The Orthodox Jewish Community in Monticello is grateful that there were no injuries or mishaps as a result of the gunshot, while feeling unsettled by the incident. The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s founder and president, Duvi Honig, notes how fortunate it is that no one was hurt as a result of the attack.

Diese Statement emphasizes how resilient the Community has been in the face of Hardship and how determined they have been to restore a feeling of normalcy in a safe environment.

The Community and local Police are extremely worried by the targeted gunfire event against Orthodox Jewish vehicles passing Monticello High School. The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, Sheriff Mike Schiff, and Monticello Police are putting up a lot of effort to ensure the area’s safety and security while trying to find the people who committed this upsetting act.

They work together and take the necessary steps to create a safer community that respects and safeguards all residents, regardless of their religious background.


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