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Sickening: Arab Workers In Israel Wear M-16 Shirts In Support of Recent Terror Attacks

By 05/12/2022 5:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In a sickening new trend, Arab workers in Israel have been spotted wearing shirts that have M-16 guns printed on them, as a symbol of lauding the recent attacks on Israeli’s.

The M-16s printed on the shirts is a trend that began following the Bnei Brak terror attack, during which the heinous Palestinian terrorist shot victims with an M-16 rifle.

According to reports, Arab workers have been seen in Israeli supermarkets and other places, wearing these shirts. On Friday, an Arab showed up at work at a Yesh Chesed supermarket in Rechovot wearing a black T-shirt with the M-16 on the back, causing panic among the customers.

Later that day, the supermarket reported that “all employees of the Yesh Chesed chain are legal employees. This is an employee who is an Israeli citizen. Israel Police came to the branch to check the employee and approved his continued employment.”

Meanwhile, on Sunday, an Arab worker showed up at a Rami Levy supermarket in Ramat Gan wearing the same shirt, but this time it ended differently. A statement from Rami Levy said that following several warnings about non-compliance with a proper dress code, the employee was fired. But another Rami Levy employee delivered a grocery order to an Israeli customer wearing the shirt.

In another incident, two Israeli-Arabs wearing the shirts showed up at the Bituach Leumi branch in Hadera. Apparently, although they want to show their support for armed opposition against the “occupying forces,” they still want to be financially supported by the State.

What’s worse is that Israeli-Arab children at the park have also been seen wearing the shirts.



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