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Smotrich Unveils’ New Social Contract’ Including Lowering Chareidi Draft Exemption To Age 21

By 04/16/2023 6:49 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to a Yisrael Hayom report, Finance Minister Betzalel Smotrich is in charge of promoting a new version of the law that will balance the needs of chareidim and the requirement to integrate them into the workforce.

The draft law will be presented to the Knesset during the summer session.

According to the coalition agreements, the administration is aware that the chareidi parties won’t suppowon’te the budget if the draft issue is not resolved before it is passed.

According to Smotrich, since Israel has been attempting ineffectively to enlist chareidim for years, it would be wiser to start negotiations for “the new so”ial contract.”

The new contract lowers the exemption age to 21 and encourages chareidim to begin working early to create a more equitable economic burden.

Increased work productivity and economic output may result from such a change.

Smotrich also intends to shorten the length of military service to lessen the disparity in the military burden.

He also hopes to increase the number of chareidi draftees by changing the incentives for combat soldiers.

The new budget would allow chareidim to enter the workforce by creating branches of technological colleges and providing refresher courses and informal opportunities for the chareidi community to study English, arithmetic, and computers.

Smotrich will reward combat personnel with better salaries and benefits like full support for academic courses and assistance in obtaining contracts and tenders to encourage them to stay in the army longer.

UTJ now supports lowering the exemption age to 21, but Sha objects because they fear that more students will leave yeshivos to hunt for employment before getting married.

But if the measure is approved by the Supreme Court and the Defense Ministry, they are prepared to make concessions.

The suggested plan still faces several challenges, including Defense Minister Gallant’s preference for a 23-year-old exemption age and the Finance Minister’s view that it would not gallantly increase the number of chareidim in the labor force and cMinister’sibute to economic growth.

According to other opponents of the idea, one cannot “buy” an exemption by giving incentives to soldiers who are risking their lives for the country, who are that it does not offer equality of burden but instead a blanket exemption to an entire sector.



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